gMote 1.41

Empower your mouse


  • Speeds up productivity
  • Easy to record actions


  • Takes time to record actions
  • Takes some getting used to using the mouse in an alternative way

Very good
Have you ever felt like you should be getting much more from your mouse? gMote is a unique tool that enables you to open programs and control them with mouse gestures.

To record a motion or action is extremely simple. You just hold down the "Shift" and "Control" keys simultaneously and then record the action that you want to perform. What you want gMote to do is entirely up to you. You can for example, instruct it to trigger a certain program or application rather than having to scroll through the Star menu or access desktop shortcuts. Alternatively, it can open a specific website in your browser, download a file, or even control your media player. Basically, anything that your PC can perform, gMote can as well. The program is beautifully presented with a simple but elegant interface and an excellent online tutorial. The annoying thing however is recording the actions you want it to perform. It does take quite a while to get it right - you'll have more than a few false starts trying to nail an action or execution it also takes some getting used to using your mouse in such an alternative way. However, it does save time once you've got used to it and will add to your productivity over the long run.

Simple, elegant and extremely easy to use, this is one for those who are tired of moving the mouse around and want to click straight into their most regular operations.

gMote allows you to record gestures (mouse motions) and assign them to frequently performed tasks.

Tired of hunting for shortcut icons or web bookmarks? Just assign the function to gMote and let your mouse do the rest!



gMote 1.41

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